Friday, April 1, 2011

Fab Finds Friday

Have I got some good ones for you today?!?!
A lifestyle blog
A party mama's blog
and A brand new Etsy shop

First up, Live Pretty.  It is a great lifestyle blog.
Started by family*..who explores everything from life’s daily joys and reflections, to our favorite recipes, tips for decorating and beloved things.
 *full disclosure - Julia is my cousin(in law) :)

Head over to browse around!
Some of my favorite posts from Live Pretty



You can also find Live Pretty on Facebook

Next up, A Simple Favor

Christy is a party planning mama of 3!
She's crafty and clever!
She loves a good party favor & can put together a heckuva party too!

Here is just one of her cute (and simple) favors.
change the theme of the pencil & it's perfect for any time of year!
 pencil spider closeup

Check out a peek at her son's Wii party 
toppers made by Christy :)
wii cupcake toppers

Head over to A Simple Favor to see lots more fun parties.
You will be inspired!!
Follow along on Facebook too!

 And finally...
Knock Knock..
Who's There?

It's The Knock-Knock Factory 
a brand new Etsy shop started by Natalie
(of Little Shindigs & Children's Party Network)
The Knock-Knock Factory officially opens TODAY!!!

Mad Tea-Whismy Welcome Wreath

I'm adding it to my faves on should too!
I can't wait to see more!!


FrouFrouBritches said...

You find the cutest stuff Staci! That wreath is over the top cute! My son would've loved a Wii party and those cupcakes with the flowers are precious! Such cuge stuff!

Kelli W said...

That wreath is so fun and those cupcakes are adorable!

Natalia said...

What a sweet treat to find the factory here!
Thanks for the shout out:)

SugarFoot Designs said...

Very cool! I love the wine cork-cork board! I might actually have to get crafty and try that! Very cute idea and great use of all the corks I have in vase in my kitchen. Cute blog, found you at the Top 25 Party Plannin mommas contest site :) goodluck!

He & Me + 3 said...

What fun things you have found. Love those suckers and the cork board is way cool.

Jodee said...

Great finds!

I am soooo far behind from our trip to Mexico. I hope to catch up soon! I missed you!

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