Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tell me what you think...

You may know I'm planning a Superhero Swim party for the kid's birthday this year.  
We have a pretty big brick wall (the full width of our backyard) and I'm thinking of doing something fun with it for the party.  
A superhero-type skyline maybe. 
 Maybe something that can be used as a photo op :)


What would you do with this blank canvas???


Piggy Bank Parties said...

I see a perfect photo op! In front of the wall put a sturdy bench that will hold the weight of a child. Then in front of the bench place a cityscape made out of cardboard or boxes that are just big enough to hide the bench. The kids can lay on their bellies and it will look like they're flying over the city. It'll be SuPeR!

Not Just A Mommy! said...

I love Piggy's idea...I totally see the same backdrop idea. Another cool idea would be to draw all over the wall in chalk with action words like Pow! Zoom! etc., draw in buildings and the skyline and have the kids do all kinds of poses, pretending to be knocking the other person out in front of a Pow! for example. I see it in my head, but it would look like this chalkboard backdrop, but bigger! http://greenweddingshoes.com/a-superhero-wedding-alex-james/

Julia said...

You can totally recreate a Gotham or NYC skyline from Spiderman :-) Project the bat signal, etc. :-)

Emily (New york, NY) said...

I love allll of the other ideas from other commenters. I was thinking something similar to Julia but the other two are really cool too! Hope to see what you do with it!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I was thinking along the lines of what Not Just a Mommy said, but all the ideas sound fantastic. I'm sure it will be fabulous, whatever you do. It always is!

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