Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tutorial Thursday - DIY SuperHero Capes

I've gone on and on about these capes...
and now I'm going to show you how to make one (or 30 of them, to be exact).

What you'll need:
Freezer Paper
Fabric Paint (the picture shows spray but I ended up using regular paint & a foam brush)
Glitter Fabric Paint (optional)
Fabric Fusion velcro

Start with a towel.  
I got mine from Target.  
They have a great selection of colors (and they were on sale).

I decided I wanted to use initials for the ladybug and lizard.  
I found the SuperHero template here.
I traced it onto freezer paper and cut out the shape & letter with an Exacto knife.

Once the shape & letter were cut out, I ironed them onto the towel.

Next, I added the fabric paint.  
*I used regular fabric paint and a foam brush because I felt the spray soaked through too much.

For extra sparkle, I sprayed some glitter fabric spray.

Once the paint is dry, based on the paint instructions, remove the freezer paper and .....tada

I added velcro so the kids could wear them. 
*I don't sew, that's why I chose iron on velcro :)


The process was pretty took a little time since I had to make so many. 
For the capes with stars, I used the same background shape.  I printed out a star I found online, traced onto the freezer paper and cut it all out.  
 Now I consider myself an expert cape maker :)

I hope you'll be inspired to make your own capes for the superheroes in your house!!


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I love these! Great idea!

Kelli W said...

Very cute and perfect for the summer! I bet they are SUPER cute instead of regular beach towels:)

Kelsey said...

So cute! My parents just moved to a house with a pool and I should make some of these up for my boys to keep at their house!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

You are totally an Expert Cape Maker! WOW! 30 of these bad boys you busted out!?! Amazing job Mom! These are too fun and cute and the PERFECT touch to your party! My boys would have LOVED them! Thanks for showing how to make these!

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Perfect prop/party favor for a swim party! You are so creative & clever (I don't sew either)!

Evelisa said...

That is a cool party favor. You are an expert cape maker :)

Nicole said...

I am totally doing this for my sons next birthday party... we always do pool parties but it's hard to come up with party favors that'll be useful. I LOVE THIS!!! (and I don't sew either).

MistyandCarla said...

These are adorable. My three year old daughter wants a super hero fourth birthday party and these would be perfect. I just wonder if once they are put on, did the kids complain of them choking them? I mean, not literally, but do you know what I mean? I'm wondering if the weight of the towel is going to be to heavy for four year old because it will Velcro close on their throat, right? I wonder what else I could use? I don't sew either.

Monique said...

I want to do this for my son's fourth birthday party but I was wondering if the fabric paint comes off easily when wet?

mpooh said...

I have a question about where did you iron on the Velcro to form the hood?

Unknown said...

I did not understand where to add the Velcro, I can see it folded down.

Unknown said...

I did not understand where to add the Velcro, I can see it folded down.

Unknown said...

I did not understand where to add the Velcro, I can see it folded down.

Anonymous said...

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