Thursday, April 8, 2010

my curly ribbon wreath

After being inspired by this super cute idea I saw at Everyday Celebrating, I decided to try it myself.  I found the 'instructions' thru Everyday Celebrating as well.  I ran out to my local Dollar Tree and picked up some ribbons (great deals btw - 3 for a buck) and my floral form.  I also picked up some extra so I can make one for the kid's party in May.
Here's how my wreath came together...
 here's the loot

here's my form (and my little helper, Jackson)
 I used hot glue to attach the ribbon (criss-cross style).  *Only minor injuries to my fingers :)

Finished project...hanging proudly on the front door - although Jackson suggested hanging it on the garage door - such a guy :)


The Purple Pug said...

AHHHH! That looks awesome! I serioulsy just made one too. LOL!!!!!! I had major problems with that green base so I had to switch to something else.
I will post it in a few minutes..

lizard n ladybug said...

I had to make do with the ribbon my store had..but I did score some cute ribbon to use for my sesame street party. This wreath was sorta my practice run - haha. I can't wait to see yours!

Kim @ Frost Me! said...

Great job! and adorable blog!

Kim @
party inspiration

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