Wednesday, June 2, 2010

random thoughts..

Wednesdays always turn into 'laundry' day - heck..every day is laundry day - but Wednesdays seem to be sheets and towels.  UGH!  I hate the whole process of taking the sheets off the beds...and then putting them back on.  I don't mind the washing and drying - it's the getting them to and from the machines I don't like.  Blah blah blah..I could go on & on how I don't like cleaning - but it's one of the great luxuries of a stay-at-home mom (HAHAHAHA)
Here are a few of the things that keep me going on days like this (drink-wise)

What keeps you going on a day as exciting as 'laundry' day???

*I'm a total Coke product junkie :)


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I like Coke too. ;) Have not tried the McCafe it any good???

The Purple Pug said...

Diet Dr. Pepper or Cherry Zero. I like the super sweet stuff...I suppose that is why I have about 20 cavities too...LOL!

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