Tuesday, June 15, 2010

summer fun...

totally inspired by Secrets of a Super Mommy's banner I saw on Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM post about 6 Days of Summer Fun (super cute ideas)....I decided to come up with my own banner.  Now the one Angela posted is WAY CUTE!  My version...not so much.  I went the 'easy and quick' route (since the kids were bugging to play with the Cricut).  But I think it turned out pretty good..considering.
Here's what I came up with for ideas of stuff to do with the kids -
2.Splash Park
3.Art project (could be anything from paint, stickers, bird feeder etc...)
4.Fish Park (we have a local park that has a giant fish to climb)
5.Pizza party (not so much a party..but they really like pizza)
6.Park (their choice)
7.Cookies (they love to help make cookies)
8.Surprise (the Science Center, ChuckECheese...etc)
10.Movie (our local theater has free movies during the summer)

I got the little envelopes (~$1)...I had the scrapbook paper and the twine.  I printed the activities on business card paper (not exactly cost effective..but I already had it).  Next step cut the 'decorations' for the envelopes..used the Cricut.  Time to use the twine to make the banner and hang the envelopes.
Not exactly like the inspiration but it totally works for us :)

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