Thursday, July 1, 2010

coffee filters, straws & paper cups

sounds like supplies for a nice drink.  Not in our house.  Super hot days are causing me to come up with projects for the kids 'Mac Gyver style'.  I've always wanted to try painting on coffee the other day, we did.

 I thinned out the paint with water and got out the droppers (thinking it would be easier)

the lizard and ladybug ditched the droppers.  
The spoons let them be more creative (make a bigger mess)

we ended up with several works of art before they got bored (and hot)

after they came time to decide what to do with them.  We have tons of I thought 'why not make them look like giant lollipops'?  The kids really liked that idea.  So I glued the straws onto the filters.  I had plenty of cups & I thought they would be the perfect holders for our lollipops - made a hole in the center and...

 added some freebie printables from Oh My Gluestick.  
And suddenly, Mac Gyver style decorations were born!!

These will be proudly displayed at our cook-out on Sunday 
& I will proudly take lots of pictures :)


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Kim @ Frost Me! said...

awww they look like they had tons of fun!

hugs! Kim @
party inspiration

Kelli @ RTSM said...

So cute! I love the printables on them! And the colors on the coffee filters kind of look like fireworks too!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Those are so cute!! Way to use a kid's craft in a fun and pretty way. :) Thanks so much for linking up with me!!!

Paula said...

Aren't they cute? My niece and I stamped patterns on coffee filters the othe? day and then shaped them into flowers. Isn't it fun to do a project that is just about free?

Anonymous said...

How kiddoes would love this! Thanks for linking up to It's Party Time Thursday @PonyTails&FishScales!

creativejewishmom/Sara said...

Cute! Great to see a new face on Craft schooling Sunday, hope to see you again! all the best!

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