Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm diggin' this construction party

My friend, Sarah, hosted a birthday party for her son a few weekends ago.  
The theme flipped back and forth between trains and construction.  After much discussion with the soon to be 4 year old...construction it was!  Sarah got to work coming up with lots of ideas and activities for the kids. 

Check out all the details - so cute!
real construction cones decorated with party signs and balloons 
welcomed the party guests

Sarah put lots of thought into activities for the kids to do..this is a 'demolition' table...set up the bricks and knock 'em down (the lizard really liked this)

this is such a clever idea...Sarah took an old sand/water table 
and made it a BUBBLE table.
It was a hit!

Such a cute table for all the kids to enjoy their snacks and CAKE

Sarah has a big playset in her backyard..the lizard and ladybug really had a good time.

*Also, not pictured was a pirate ship bouncy slide & a gigantic sandbox filled with all kinds of digging toys (every construction kid's dream)

The favors were boxes filled with a construction place mat, play dough, a truck cookie cutter, rolling pin, some John Deere gummies, stickers and a toy truck.  And Sarah sent everyone home with orange & brown M&M's in recycled baby food containers 
(that was MY fave idea)

Sarah's a fun, crafty, recycling mom & she threw a heck of a party!
* Sarah is currently hard at work planning 
a Cabbage Patch Kids party 
for her soon-to-be 1 year old little lady


Carrie said...

Thanks, I am planning my almost 3 year old's party with a construction theme. She gave me some cute ideas. Love the demolition table!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Now that's a party! ;) Love the bubbles table. Thanks so much for the visit! :)

Debbie said...

Really great ideas! ...and I didn't even know John Deere gummies existed! :) Can't wait to see Sarah's Cabbage Patch Kids party !!!

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