Monday, August 9, 2010

back to school in the books!

First order of business...the winner of my first ever giveaway.....Sarah C!  Woo Hoo!
Thanks to everyone who entered.  I'm still figuring out this is the screen shot of the winner (just so you know I didn't cheat - haha) the back to school bash
It was hot and humid (and even rained a little) but it was still a blast!  I took TONS of pictures, some better than others.  
I will be posting in stages - so you won't be overwhelmed :)

First up...decor (inside and out)

of course, I had to have a 'welcome' sign

my simple banner (total cost ~$2.00)
the main centerpiece (my mom's idea to use the fishbowl and crayons)  kinda like the Sesame Street party :)

hanging paper lanterns (also from Sesame Street party) & big A$$ bounce house :)
*the tissue poms I worked so hard on..didn't make the party - I'm saving them for another time*
'letter hunt' couldn't compete with bounce house

next up - craft time.  Not as 'active' as I hoped :)


Laura said...

What a cute party! I love it!

m.e (Cathie) said...

yur home is full of amazing celebrations!!

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