Thursday, September 30, 2010

Super easy way to spread Halloween cheer

Ok..I know it's not like spreading holiday cheer...
but to me, sharing candy is sorta the same thing :)

Maybe some of you have done this before...maybe not.  Either way, I have found 3 too cute (free) printables if you want to 'BOO' your neighbors!!   Here's the secretly take some treats to your friends/neighbors.  
Leave them one of these signs (& the instructions). 
Good, clean (tasty) fun!

I came across this adorable idea from The TomKat Studio.  I instantly fell in love with it (then was ticked I didn't think of it myself) & knew I had to print it right away!  So I did. 

I was all set..then I found an equally adorable BOO sign at Anders Ruff.  
I knew I had to have this one too.  So I do.
You'll hate yourself if you don't spend some time at this site....GORGEOUS!

As if those 2 weren't adorable enough...
look at this BOO I found at Moo Moo's & Tutus.
I mean..come on, candy corn?!!?  So stinkin' cute! may have guessed  - I have this one also :)

So now I have 3 different BOO's :)
Since I have so many of these cute little signs, 
I need some cute little containers for my treats.
Luckily, I've saved a few empty (cleaned) peanut butter jars.  
Here's what I did:  
1. spray painted the lid.  2. cut out some vinyl letters using my Cricut.  *any sticky letters or even Sharpie marker would be as cute*.  3. added some Halloween-y ribbon & tada........

*any candy will work..I just happened to have a bunch of m&m's :)

October starts tomorrow...
so if I know where you live, you may be on my 'to BOO' list!
(sorry, I had to)

 PonyTails and FishScales
Get your craft on Thurs.


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Cute idea! Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for the links to the printables... adorable!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

SUPER cute! I have seen the little BOO kits at Target before, but yours is way cuter! I wish we had close neighbors so we could try this!

Pam @ PartyStart.Me said...

LOL Great minds only your mind is way better!!! You rocked this post, love it!!!

Leah {Living Life Crafty} said...

I love so many ideas on your blog! And i love that you are always finding cute things to make so cheap! Im your newest follower!

Leah @

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Oooh, the jar o'candy is a great idea!

jess @ pen n' paperflowers said...

Cute post Staci!! I've been doing this tradition for 14 years now with my girls! (WOW! crazy). Here's my post from last year:

One of the things I quickly learned doing this is that a lot of people end up photocopying the flyer in B&W to be able to continue to spread the fun without using a lot of their own printer ink. Or, they end up creating their own - sometimes even handmade. It's a lot of fun...something the girls enjoy and look forward to every year!! (Especially when we dress up in camouflage)!! *wink*

Anders Ruff Custom Designs said...

Thanks for posting our free boo printables!!!! We hope everyone enjoys!

beth said...

Perfectly adorable! And, it's official, I'm going to start stashing empty peanut butter jars starting today! :)

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Thanks everyone..
fyi - I was at my $ Tree today and they had cute Halloween themed containers that would be perfect for this - if you were looking for inexpensive containers :) husband thinks it's crazy I save all kinds of containers - but he likes that it saves all kinds of $ :)

Erin said...

Very cute. I'm going to steal your Boo signs =o)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Cute!! We did BOOing with my MOPS group last year. It was fun. :)

Janet said...

You're jar looks great! Thanks for the fun idea!

Lorie said...

So cute! And I am ALL about the Halloween Cheer!!

Lori said...

Absolutely DARLING idea! Thanks SO much for joining in on Thrilling Thursdays @ Paisley Passions. I love to see the creative talent of other fellow bloggers. Hope you to see you again soon :)
~Lori S.
Thrilling Thursdays @Paisley Passions

Jami said...

Such a fun idea! I hope you'll stop by and share it at the Pretty Packages Party!

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