Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to School party flashback

Here is a peek at my Back to School party from last year.
This year it was impossible to plan one in the middle of moving
- although, I really REALLY wanted to :)

This is the 'snacks' post from last year.
click here (other treats), here (fun & favors), here (crafts)


I wanted to keep things simple.  
Oddly enough, most of the snacks were healthy - so BONUS!
Dawn at Not Just A Mommy posted a super cute party she hosted for her son..complete with apple cars.  I knew I had to make them!  To go with them, I made 'ants on a log'.  I also tackled the pretzel crayons (here's the link to the labels).  
I have to say - everyone ate all of it.  
Either they were starving or the snacks were actually good :)

The kids used 'lunch trays' (10/$1 at Dollar Tree)


Michelle said...

Love it!!! Great job!


Maxabella said...

A 'back to school' party is such a great idea, Staci. I imagine it gives the kids the opportunity to rediscover each other en masse before the school year begins. LOVE what you created!! x

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Those apple cars are too cute! I've never done a back to school party just seems too crazy at that time to plan a party!

Party Box Design said...

so super cute!

FrouFrouBritches said...

You're such a good mom! I think when I was young I would have the house on the block where all the kids hung out and I had parties for them and stuff. NOPE! I can't stand the thought of a bunch of kids up in my house. My four is enough. Again, you are such a good mom!!!

Happy Home Fairy said...

I love all of your snack choices! What a fun presentation! Those apple cars are brilliant! We also used i heart naptime's first day of school signs for the Happy Buddy - you can see the pics at the link below! Your lizard is so cute! Great post at Nothing But Country today!

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