Friday, September 16, 2011

Fab Finds Friday

Sick lizard this week has left me sleep deprived 
(and totally slacking on a post yesterday). 
BUT I do have some FAB finds for you today!!

Do just completed a relaunch of her site.  
Along with offering a whole bunch of freebies, 
she also shared a $0 budget party!  
Yep, that's right - ZERO budget.  
Here's just a peek..
Go HERE for the entire post 
(and don't forget to get your freebies while you're there)

Stacy is a master of ribbon wreaths.  
This Halloween one is so flippin cute! 
Click here for info on making your own 
(I really need to try this)
While you're there, check out the rest of the site.  
Lots of great crafts and parties to drool over!

Laura is celebrating her 1st birthday (since opening shop).  
She's having a great celebration - freebies, giveaways etc...  
Her first freebie is this Happy Birthday subway art print.  
Head over and get yours now.  
Stay and look around Laura's blog, she is super talented!
(and super sweet too)

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

1 comment:

Laura { Eye Candy Event Details} said...

OMG I am cracking up right now! I saw your post & I was like "ya know . . .I am going to post a comment & tell her how much I really enjoy seeing these - she'd appreciate that right?" AND THEN I open this up & you shared my b-day Subway Art!!! hahaha - I think that's funny & pretty cool of you too! Thanks so much for making my morning a little brighter today my friend! xoxo Keep these up as well . . . I LOVE them!!

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