Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial

I've tried to make these tissue paper poms (or flowers, as I call them) before. 
 I followed the tutorial from Martha Stewart.  
Of course, I ended up with a ripped up, soggy* mess.  
*I tend to sweat when I get frustrated :)

For my 40th Fiesta, I gave them another try.  
This time I just did my own way & I was very happy with how they turned out.  

I found this tissue paper on sale at Target & thought it would be perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

You'll also need 
floral wire or pipe cleaners
wire cutter (in case you need to trim the floral wire)

I am not a fan of measuring so I let the creases in the paper do it for me.

I cut a section of paper.

I folded it 'fan' style 

I rounded each end.  
You could also make a point at each end - it gives the flower a little different look.
I wrapped the wire around the center. 
 I used pliers to pinch the wire & help secure the paper.

This is what it looks like before you start pulling the layers apart.

Gently start pulling the layers apart. 
 I usually pull one or two layers from the top and then pull one or two from the bottom.  
That way I can spread them out as evenly as possible.  
Once I have all the layers separated, 
you may have to 'fluff' it to get it looking the way you want.

This is the underside. 

Put it in a cute vase (or empty frap bottle, in this case)

*if you wanted to hide the wire, you could use ribbon, fancy tape or even a cute straw.

They can be made big or small.  
They are so versatile and make such a huge impact!

I hope this was easy to understand..I always feel like I'm forgetting to share a step :)

Happy Tuesday y'all.

Do you have any big plans for your EXTRA day tomorrow??
(and our 2nd 'official' wedding anniversary).  
I better start planning something - yikes!!


Kristin said...

They turned out real nice!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

You had me at the RED CLEARANCE tag! I am such a dang SUCKER for those!!! lol These turned out so cute, and I have always wanted to know how to make them. You showed Perfect step by step , thank you! Love the bright colors! and for .84 cents-- get outta town!

Susan Crabtree said...

super cute & LOVE the stripes!

Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop said...

So pretty!! Love the colored stripes!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I love those! I want to make some of those to hang fom the ceiling in the girls' room. So cute! Love the rounded edges too!

Hapy Anniversary!

Love & Sugar Kisses said...

These turned out great...if I try to make them myself...they turn into ripped up wads of paper LOL :)

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