Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial {spin art}

In an effort to keep the lizard & ladybug entertained 
(and to keep me sane), 
I've been collecting ideas on my Summer Fun Pinterest board.
I pinned this idea from Skip to my Lou as part of the Craft Camp series 
(there are TONS of great ideas, btw)

Spin Art
it's a simple, relatively inexpensive project and the kids really enjoyed it!

Here's what I used:
Salad Spinner (I got mine at Ikea ~$4)
acrylic paint 
paper plates (I had to cut my plates to fit the bottom of the spinner)


*once I cut the plates to size, the lizard & ladybug used the extra to make 'necklaces' -
 bonus project!!!

Put your plate/paper in the spinner and add your paint.  

Put the lid on and spin...

this is what you get

 Now I need to come up with a fun way to display our art.
 A banner, a collage, on lightweight board??
How would you display yours?

Have a great Tuesday!!!


Love & Sugar Kisses said...

cool idea!! I need to find a cheap salad spinner.

Paula said...

Very cute! Could you punch holes in them and string a bunch together to make a banner?

Mandy Coffey said...

Is the paint hard to get off your salad spinner? This is a great idea!

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Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Such a fun project! You're developing great young artists there!

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