Thursday, December 27, 2012

NYE inspiration (circa 2010)

New Year's is right around the corner. 
 I'm working on a New Year's Day lunch for the family.  
I wanted to share our NYE, during the day, party from a few years back.  

Here are some of the highlights.
The table before the 'real' food.  
I had a branch (already painted from Halloween) that I added black and white poms to (thanks to Kristy - The Purple Pug for that idea).  I used a cake stand to hold the paper fortune cookies we made (got that idea from Home Confetti).

Oreos baked inside brownies = Black and White brownies

My 'countdown' cupcakes.  I used black card stock and metallic pen.  
Dipped a marshmallow in clear sprinkles (for the sparkly effect) 
and added it all to a lollipop stick.  
The cupcakes are Funfetti (of course)!

Champagne 'bubbles' (donut holes) - thanks to Kim - Party Frosting!

I used my New Year's printable (attached to card stock & a dowel) as centerpieces.  
They are standing in jars of black eyed peas:)

A can of Rotel and black eyed peas became our 'lucky' salsa.

The pasta was festive because I used bowties and curly noodles.  haha

A little bubbly.  I punched 2" circles of silver card stock then used a 1" punch.  
The glasses cheapo plastic came apart so I could add the 'bling'.

 I can't have people leave without something.  
Some reNEWing hand scrub for the girls, chocolate bars for the guys 
and some snazzy sunglasses (since we were whooping it up during the day)

The kids LOVED counting down and yelling 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'.  
They loved it even more when the saw their bubbly :) 

Kiddie Cocktails (cherry Caprisuns with a few cherries)

What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
Are you a big party person 
a stay at home in your pjs person?


Jodee said...

What an adorable party! We celebrate New Year's Eve at a hotel. The kids hijack the pool, we order pizza for dinner, and the adults enjoy some adult beverages. It's a win/win for the whole family!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I hope you had a great New Year's Eve!

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