Friday, June 25, 2010

Four Friday Faves

I've decided I want to share some of my favorite things.  I picked today since favorite and Friday start with the same letter and I chose to share 4 things because I tend to do things in even numbers (so that makes 5 Friday Faves out of the question)
any hoo.....enough of my weirdness :)

If these are new to you - I hope they become your faves too!

I saw Cajun Trail Mix a few weeks ago during one of my multiple weekly trips to Wal-Mart.  I'm not typically a fan of trail mix but this one had 'cajun' in the title.  *I'm kind of a sucker for anything I bought it. Now I can barely keep in the house.  
It's spicy, salty, sweet..the perfect storm of flavors!
It's a great snack for me to grab when I'm starving (or plan to be starving) & the kids are screaming for me RIGHT THIS SECOND!  

Something else that quickly became my fave is 
Tree Hut: Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Butter Scrub.  
Now I know you can make your own scrub ( I've done that for a long time) & it's cheaper than buying some fancy brand in the store.  BUT....I found this totally affordable (~$6.00) scrub at Wal-Mart ---I swear I shop in other stores besides Wal-Mart...
I usually throw in a few Target trips too :)  
There are different varieties but I really like the coconut lime - kinda tropical.
The consistency is just right (for me)..not too course but not too oily.  

Speaking of Target...they carry my next fave - baby wipes.  
Up&Up brand unscented wipes 
To me, the best part is the refill packs have an opening that can be resealed. 
I know it's silly but I hate that some other brands sell refill packs 
that have to be put in a wipe box - or they dry out.  
We haven't had an official wipe box in years!
Maybe it's just my house..but we have packs all over.  I use them for diaper changing (obviously), cleaning up spills, dusting (when I'm sick of it looking like it's snowed on the table), mirrors (when I can't find the glass cleaner) and many other things.

I'll leave you with my 'treat' to myself once or twice a week...the iced coffee from McDonalds.  Sugar-free vanilla iced coffee (LARGE) to be exact.  Super FAVE!


TIGHTWAD said...

The no name brands are often really good! Unscented, of course! I buy lots of generic brands too.

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I totally agree. I just came home from the grocery store (Publix) and most of the stuff we bought was the generic brand. Saves $$ too - which leaves more moola for my crafty projects :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh got me with the McDonalds Iced Coffee. Can I say a big YUM. I love those things...but I say bring on the sugar. LOL Thanks for the comment on my blog today and for the follow. I am now following your blog too:)
Hope to get to know you better via blogs.

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