Thursday, July 8, 2010

how I spent my 4th of July morning (early morning)

first up...check out Catch My Party (the blog) 
my Old Fashion 4th of July is included with some really great parties!!


I decided last minute (last Tuesday) to run a 5k on the 4th!  
I knew it was going to be early - 
it's Florida. In the Summer. So it's HOT all day!  
But I had no idea there would be close to 
3000 other crazies out there running along side me!  
I'm happy I did it (not particularly happy with my time) & I think I'll make it a tradition.  
Plus, I got a plastic cup major prize for finishing. 

that's me (under the pink arrow - duh).  I look so focused :)

not so focused now - just sweaty! where's my water (and banana)?

my 'trophy' proudly displayed at our 4th cook-out!

on a totally different subject, I figured out how to add a button that you can grab!  
I'm quite proud of myself (but I won't tell you how long it took me to figure it out) 
& I'd be honored if you'd grab it up :)

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