Thursday, July 22, 2010

a very creative 'under the sea' birthday party

My friend Liz recently created this super cute party for her daughter's 3rd birthday.  
I love all the details..and the fact that Liz (and her little ones) made everything! 

"I really wanted to come up with decorations/activities that the girls could help create 
and that used supplies I already had on hand" says Liz.  
She also admits she's a bit of a craft supply hoarder (me too)

Here are some of the goodies Liz & the girls made...
so cute..a bean bag toss game (and a cute photo op)
a fish pinata...what makes this the best?? Liz made it!

Pin The Tail on the Whale game (yep...Liz made this too)
a great setting for an outdoor party
'oysters'....shut up!  These are the cutest!
of course Liz made this fish cake!  I love it!!

You can see Liz is one crafty mama!
Her little ladies are lucky to have such a talented mommy...
plus Liz is a runner (of marathons),
which makes her even more of a rock star to me!
Thanks for sharing with us Liz!


He & Me + 3 said...

Holy Moly I need to meet your friend Liz. She is one crafty fun mom. That is a way cool party and that cake is amazing.

Pam @ PartyStart.Me said...

Very cute party. Love those faux oyster cookies!

The Purple Pug said...

Cookies are adorable. Crushing in that pinata too. So cute!

Belly Feathers said...

So many cute details! I love the oyster cookies, too!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

SO cute! Love the oysters. :) Thanks for the visit. :)

Natalie said...

oh so cute:) sweet party!

curtis03 Lewis said...

It requires a lot of thinking to settle down with a birthday theme for a kid. I thought for a year about my son’s ‘call of duty’ themed birthday party. I booked one of the outdoor Chicago venues and there was a lot of shooting. This post just, reminded me of that.

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