Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tasty Treats Thursday

Sweet, salty, caramel and marshmallows?!?!  
I had to try this combo after I saw this post at Simply Creative Insanity

I got my supplies ready.  Marshmallows, caramel, toppings.  
Plus a stick to hold them 
since everything is better on a stick.  :) 
I was only making 3 I only needed a few pieces of caramel.
(yes, I used store bought caramel candy)  
Once it was melted, I dipped in 1/2 of the marshmallow and then in the toppings.

First up...broken pretzel/caramel blend 

next up...candy corn/caramel

and finally, rice krispy cereal/caramel 

I cut a small slit in the cupcake liner to slide onto the stick.  
I thought they looked cute & helped with the mess.  
*If I were serving these for a holiday, I would pick up some coordinating cupcake liners and maybe add a cute ribbon.


Get your craft on Thurs.

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

Fun! I think the one with the pretzels would be my favorite!

Kelli said...

Those are so CUTE! The kids would love to make these. Very neat idea. Thanks for sharing! :)

Genevieve Le Bel said...

You're a marshmallow GENIUS!!! Sharing on my fan page! =)

Melissa C said...

Looks yummy & cute!

A Simple Favor said...

I LOVE these and the different variations. A perfect treat for a party!

FrouFrouBritches said...

How stinkin' cute is that!?! Great idea. Love it!

Maura said...

Candy corn + caramel = brilliant!

I'll take 12, please. :)

Jodee Leader said...

What a yummy snack!

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