Monday, December 13, 2010

I may have a problem (and a freebie for you) it's finally cold here in Florida 
(yeah yeah..I know it's not 'cold' like most places, but for me -- it's COLD)!  
I bought the ladybug a pair of faux Uggs (from Tar-jay).  
They are adorable.  I never set out to be 'that mom' but I wanted some too!!  
I justified it by saying they would be perfect 
for running the lizard to pre-school.  
Easy to slip on when I'm rushing around. 
WELL....they didn't have my size.  
Challenge accepted!  
I went to a few other places to look for an acceptable replacement.  
I ended up with these:

which now meant I needed to get Skinny Jeans - after reading Amanda's post over at Serenity Now (if you're not following her blog - you must!!) 
I decided to give them a go!  
Now 2, that's right 2 pair of skinnys are on their way :)

Back to the original boots I wanted...
after having no luck anywhere else, I ordered them online.  
Where I also got these:

I figured since I was already getting the skinny jeans, 
I needed some 'casual' boots to show off too. are the boots that started this whole shopping spree:

please don't judge - I know I said it's too hot to wear them in Florida.  
I'm a big baby and my feet are just too cold!

What makes my spree even better....
the first boots were 60% off, making them just my price!  
The other 2 pair were paid for with a gift card, making them a gift.  
The jeans were also on sale...
so the total of my madness today was less than 1 pair of authentic Uggs.  
And that is totally how I roll :)

Anyone else have days like this?  
Where you get into some crazed shopping trance?  
I can't be the only one!

**On a totally personal note...
my dad has returned safely home after being overseas for the past year.  
I hope to see him next week - can't tell you what a relief it is.
I made these 'yellow ribbon' toppers/tags to use on a little Welcome Home gift.
I want to share these with you.  

If you're sending a care package overseas, these would be a nice touch.  
Maybe you know a soldier who is just home...or who will be deploying - 
add these to a gift & let these be a reminder of your (our) support.

Click here to download :)


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I always said I would never own Uggs {or Target brand Uggs} but I broke down and bought some last year. They are so easy to slip on when I take the boys to and from school...they are like my winter flip flops:) I'm glad your dad made it home safely!!

Daphne said...

So happy for you that your dad is home safely!

And, I LOVE your boots ~ too cute!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Welcome home to your pops! :)

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