Tuesday, December 14, 2010

if it's clear glass...I want it

I have developed a need love for any type of glass container.
It could be a vase, a bowl, a jar..whatever. 
Lately, I've been collecting Starbucks coffee drink bottles.  
I don't actually drink them, my mom does.  
She saves the bottles for me.  
I've amassed quite the collection.  

Today I decided to test out an idea - to turn them into treat holders.  
I saw a super cute idea at Random Thoughts of a Supermom.  
Kelli made the cutest display using bottles, vinyl and candy corn.
She had me at candy corn :) 

Anyhoo...I wanted to try and etch a snowflake onto one of the bottles.  
Fill it with candy and give it to the lizard's teachers for the holidays.  
Either candy or hot chocolate fixins...whichever works best.

I got out my supplies:
ignore the stencil in this picture..this was my second attempt.  
The first one ended up like this
angry tiki snowflake...not the look I was going for :)

Here's the second try....
if you've never used Armour Etch - DO!  It's so simple.  
Glop it on.  Leave it on for 5 mins (or longer if you need to change a diaper, break up a fight, get someone a snack and/or go pee).  Wash it off. 

I used contact paper, a hole punch and an exacto knife to make my stencil.  The contact paper works the best for me.  Just make sure all edges are sealed.

Much better results this time

I added a simple blue ribbon, a silver pipe cleaner and some kisses 
(all left over from our Hanukkah party).
I think this makes a cute (inexpensive) gift.  I also love how the blues and silvers are made 'winter-y' when you add them to a snowflake.

This could easily be done with any color ribbons/pipe cleaner.  
Reds and greens.  Reds and silver.  Greens and blues.  You get the idea.  
Having candy with colorful wrapping helps too.
There are lots of freebie gift tags around (make sure you 'like' my Facebook page, I've been sharing lots there) which would be great with these bottles.

 I hope you like this idea and are inspired to start etching :)  
Let me know if you do...I'd love to see pictures!

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Crystal said...

Stopping by from Tip Junkie. Love this! What a great way to re-purpose used bottles.

Sharing this with my Facebook readers! :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

So cute! I love that snowflake! When I saw the stencil, I thought for sure you had cut it with a Cricut!

Michelle @ Crafts and Crap said...

Cute and simple! Thanks for sharing! :)

JC's Loft said...

LOL I have the same obsession over glass anything to! I have a shoe box full of my son's baby jar's that I now know what to do with!!!!

I might save them for Vday and put treats in them with a heart on them or something, oh I'm so excited I caught this post : )


Melissa C said...

too cute! love it!

elizabeth said...

This is absolutely awesome!

Alicia said...

I had to LOL when I saw this post because I am in the process of making treat jars from frapp bottles too! I used scrapbook paper on mine but now I HAVE to get some glass etch stuff and try it out! I have amassed a large collection from my mom too!

Jodee Leader said...

That turned out soooo cute!

Stacy said...

I love it! I keep saying that one day when I get a fancy vinyl cutting machine that I will etch everything glass in my house, but I guess I don't need to wait until then. Silly me. Why didn't I think of using contact paper? Thanks for linking up today:)

Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop said...

Now I want to do this! When will I ever find time to do all the projects from all the blogs I read! I love the etching!!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter-in-law also loves jars. I might make one for her birthday in January. I don't think I can fit it in for Christmas.

He & Me + 3 said...

I made these too. I love how yours turned out too.

Alicia said...

Here is my post:

I also linked to you in my post!

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