Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Treat (freebie)

Even though it's felt like Spring for a while here in Florida, 
it's finally 'official'. 
I love this time of year!!  
Great weather.  Flowers in bloom.  Easter candy lining the shelves :)
I picked up some Peeps yesterday (not to eat, to decorate with).  
All the bright colors inspired these 'happy spring' tags!

Cupcake toppers, favor tags, cute little banner.  
Pretty much anything you can think of - these will work.  
 (get your tags here)
I will share my Peep decor later this week :)

just for fun
do you eat Peeps??
If so, what's your fave color/shape?

Have a great Tuesday!!

Tidy Mom


ReenieK Designs said...

I love Spring too! My favorite color peeps are yellow !

JC's Loft said...

I do eat peeps! Love the yellow bunnies...though they all taste the same so I'm not sure why I'm partial to those : )

Happy Tuesday Miss Staci!


Melissa C said...

I like peeps, the pink are my fav ;) I love all Easter candy, yum!!
Happy Spring!

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