Monday, May 16, 2011

Brush your teeth chart

Have you seen these super cute (freebie) 
'did you brush your teeth' charts 
There are a few different versions, each one equally cute. 

I decided on my fave.  
Grabbed a $ Tree frame and painted it glossy red. 

Tada...instant cuteness!

I am taking a chance leaving the dry erase marker in the kid's bathroom.  
So far, so good :)

I hope you all had a great weekend.  
This week will be all about Pirates & Polka Dots.  
5 days until the party!!!


Stacy @ She's {kinda} Crafty said...

It looks so good in that red frame!! YAY! Thanks for sharing this!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

So cute! We could use this for the summer for sure!

FrouFrouBritches said...

That is precious!!!! I should definitely print that off for my kiddos. Thanks for sharing!

Jodee said...

That is sooo cute!

Dumb question -- how did you paint your frame? I need an orange one for the NFL party!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I love it! And the "taking a chance" comment made me laugh. :)

LocalFunForKids said...

That's such a good idea! Come on over and link up with Fun for Kids Friday.

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