Wednesday, May 11, 2011

just had to share

I know I usually share FAB Finds on Friday..
but I just had to share this one early!
Jessica from Party Box Design posted the super cute 
Popsicle Party printable set.'s all FREE!
Polka Dot Popsicle Party Print copy
 All you need are the popsicles!
click here to see the entire set.

Instant party!!



Party Box Design said...

awww thanks for sharing lady!!!!

polka dots and popsicles just seem to go together! :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love it! I actually downloaded it abouyt an hour ago when I saw it at Be Different, Act Normal:) I'm thinking a popsicle party the last day of school is in order!

Bill Dorman said...

Pretty cool stuff; can you do my site? I'm only one step removed from the free WordPress account.

It's good to see you are so far along. Imagine that, Dorman descendants that like to talk, preach or run for office.

I will not be at the party on Sat as I have an all day commitment but tell everyone hello and hope you have fun.

You are much more tech savvy than I, but if you need help w/ anything please let me know.

Love ya

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