Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get organized & save money {giveaway}

Today I have another fun giveaway from The Organized Parent.  
2 lucky ducks will win 2 great products.  

First up, 
This super cute weekly schedule notepad from Donovan Designs 
What first caught my attention was the cute polka dot print :) but what I really like is the size of each sheet.  There is plenty of room to write all you 'stuff'
This notepad includes 55 sheets and an adhesive magnet.  
I also have a pink/green polka dot one to give away.

This kit includes everything you need to organize and utilize your coupons 
(boy do I need this). 
What started out as a homemade coupon organizer (by a mom of 3) has evolved into the #1 selling coupon organizer in the US and Canada.  This is the 10th Anniversary edition which is a 6-piece system that gives you tools to organize every type of coupon.  It's not just a fancy way to carry your coupons, it's a whole system designed to help you save time and money.

so here's the deal You can save 15% off each of these items now..
just click on the corresponding picture (on the right).   
OR you can enter to win a weekly notepad & the Couponizer.

here's how to enter:
Tell me what best money saving tip (and if you'd prefer blue or pink).  
You have until next Monday April 30th at midnight est.
I'll pick a winner randomly - US only please.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I don't really have any good money saving tips...I am terrible at coupons. I do use my Target card an awful lot and I save 5% off all my purchases. I think I would like the pink one:)

Shelley said...

I am trying to get better at couponing!!!

Evelisa (NY) said...

This is definitely important to have. This would inspire me to get organize.

FrouFrouBritches said...

Okay. Best money saving tip - learn to stack coupons and pair your coupons with the sale ads. I ran into a fellow blogger at Wal-Mart and she gave me a coupon to get some air freshner for free and I was hooked. I love getting toothpaste, toothbrushes, body wash, etc for 60% - 70% off!

I like the blue and green dot.

~ LaVonne said...
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~ LaVonne said...

My trick is to use the e-coupons that load onto the shopper cards, I use Kroger & CVS. I may stop by the store & forget a coupon, this way I'm covered.

*pink, please, if I win! :)

Ariella said...

I'd say stacking coupons too & paying attention to whether the price of an item is truely a good deal or not.

I'd prefer blue please

Carrie said...

STOCKPILE! By what you use when it's on sale, use coupons w/ the sales and stack your coupons if possible (use manufacturer & store coupon together.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I need this! I'd like pink.
My best money saving tip right now is to make my own baby food. It's healthy and so much cheaper than jarred food!

Slipcity said...

This is awesome! I'd love Blue. My best money saving tip is to ask yourself "is this a need" or "is this a want" instead of making an impulse purchase.
My second money saving tip is to go grocery shopping by yourself and leave your husband home!!! He tends to want to buy stuff we don't need ").

K3 said...

Hi coupons and not buying things I don't need just because they are a great deal. I am a pink fan. Thanks :)

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