Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Tutorial (diy 4th of July coasters)

Here's a fun (and very inexpensive) project I made last 4th of July.  
If you've been around the blog long enough, you know I love making contact paper coasters :)

Here's my 'flashback' post:
Here's another super easy (almost free) 4th of July craft.

Do you have these things in your house?
card stock/scrapbooking paper/construction paper
contact paper

if so, you can make these super simple coasters.

I had 4th of July-y paper in a stack of cardstock I bought for something else.  
I also had a roll of contact paper..and I cheated and used a 3" punch :) 


Cut your circle out of your paper.  
Cut a piece of contact paper big enough to fold over & cover both sides of your shape.   
Cut off the excess contact paper.


Now all you need is a cold beverage & enjoy - responsibly :)


What I love about this easy project is that it works for ANY occasion!!!  
What's even better?  
Let the kids draw on the cardstock and you've got a great activity for any party!
(and a great little gift for the grandparents)

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Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Perfect craft for the kiddos and Any occasion! You are so right on!! Love this idea Staci!

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