Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Create-A-Card giveaway!!

Today I have some fun goodies to give away!!
First up, from Mudpuppy.

This set is GREAT!!  There are 10 cards & envelopes in each set.  
The set has tons of stickers for your little ones to create their own Thank You notes. 
 I have a Forest set and a Mermaid set to give away.

Also from Mudpuppy,
Artist's Pads ($4.95)
These pads are the perfect size for little masterpieces.  
Each page has a border design that helps 'frame' the artwork.  
What's great about these is they are easy to carry around 
- in the car, sitting in the grocery cart etc...

2 lucky ducks will win a Create-A-Card set AND an Artist's Pad.

Next up, 
LulaClips ($14.95)
I wish I had these when the lizard & ladybug were smaller. 
These magnetic clips attach to the fabric portion of the car seat using a child-proof locking mechanism.  As you're putting your little one in the car seat, the clips hold the harness straps/buckles out of the way so you can load your child without fumbling with the straps.
Such a simple but BRILLIANT idea!!  

So here's the deal.
You can save 15% off the goodies from Mudpuppy by clicking on the button (on the right) and using code OP023 at checkout.

you can enter to win them AND the LulaClips!!

Leave me a comment with a fun summer memory.
Please tell me if you prefer the Woodland card set or the Mermaid set.
You've got until Monday July 9th midnight - est.


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